Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I painted an alphabet water color poster for this baby growing in my tummy. Some of these might be inside references (such as D for Dad, is a drawing of my husband), others are about Oakland or California, but most are just things i like.

Here are some detail shots:
Wizards, Quails, and Malcolm X.

Zoos, Tupac, Neptune, Halloween, and Books. 

Cats, Dad, Ice Cream, Jellybeans, Oakland, and Pizza. 

Art, France, Groucho, Lions, and Mom. 

 Vulcans, Wizards, and some Zoo animals.

Art, Dad, Queen Elizabeth I, and France. 

Lions, Mom, Sandwiches, Malcolm X, Yoda, and Zoo animals.


ashley said...

Amazing! I so wish I had your artistic skill and not just my craftistic talent. What a lucky baby!

Steven said...

That's excellent.