Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Demos for painting class

I am teaching intro painting and painting II this year, here are some pieces i have done in preparation.

acrylic value landscape

watercolor hard vs. soft

watercolor sky vs. foreground

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

from the last year part VI.

commissioned illustration.

from the last year part V.

two little paintings i did for no reason.

3x3 inches, acrylic.

from the last year part IV.

Thien Pham and i made these calendars for 2015. What are some presidential themes we havent thought of (we need something for 2016)?

from the last year part III.

Steve (my husband) and i made a children's book.

from the last year part II.

Shirt i designed for my husband. Our daughter loves the ramones, but calls them the marones. Her imaginary friends are deedee, doodoo, and squee squee. She is three.

from the last year part I.

Valentine's day card, 2015. This is another weird thing my kid says.